Sweet Tortures
by DragonLight

Harry strained against the manacles that held his arm out to the sides and above his head.  Biting his lower lip, he turned his head to the side and looked toward his lover.

"I always knew there was a perverted reason to why you liked to live in the Dungeons.  Should have known it was a torture kink."

Snape turned around.  Whatever was hidden in his hands Harry couldn't see, the sleeves of his robe covered them.  

"You know you should be in a similar state of dishabille.  Not fair that I have to be the one freezing here."

"Such a large word."  Snape was looming over him now.  His breath teased at Harry's nipples with each word.  "Did you look it up in a dictionary before disturbing me with your presence?"

Something soft and light was running along his calf.  He tried to look at what it was, but couldn't  Snape drew Harry's leg up with one hand while the other settled on his chest, two fingers pinching his right nipple, a harsh, sharp feeling compared to the pervious feather light touch.  Wet heat engulfed his left nipple while the feather, it had to be a feather, traced the arch of his foot.  Three different touches each bringing him higher and making the sounds coming from him even more incoherent.

Then the fingers that had been twisting his nipple stopped and the hand swept across his belly and down further wrapping around his cock and stopped.  Harry arched up into the touch, muttered obscenities and begged and whined, anything to get that long fingered hand to move on him.  But Snape remained still laving the nipple of Harry who was squirming under him with his tongue until Harry thought that he'd land in St Mungo's before the night was through.

And then Snape's lips crept from nipple to collarbone nipping their way up his neck and to his ear where the bit down and sucked and licked some more, and that was when Snape finally, thank Merlin, started to stroke his cock, and it didn't take much at all to make him come.  By the time Snape's lips had covered Harry's, Harry was arching and whimpering against Snape's mouth as he came, hot strands of spunk covering his stomach, Snape's hand and his robe.

He collapsed against the bedclothes spent, his arms still locked into position.

"You're one kinky bastard, you know, torturing a man with a feather."


This time his hands were free, but only because Snape had made him promise he'd leave them under his head and not move them.  He was on his stomach, the smooth sheets sliding against his bare stomach and cock, making him wish that whatever was keeping the man in the other room would finish.

He was looking forward to whatever torture Snape was up to this time.

When Snape did enter, it was through a door out of Harry's sight, but he could smell the candle, or at least it was something that smelled like a candle.  A sandalwood scented candle.  Harry sighed at the rich scent, and closed his eyes before licking his lips.  His thoughts drifted toward a slow deep massage and he couldn't help but think of those graceful hands kneading his tight muscles.

The first drop of hot wax shocked him out of that particular fantasy.  Then another below first near his neck. A trail of little hot pinpricks followed down his spine until the last one which was right above the cleft of his arse.  Then nails, not long but noticeable began pulling off the bits of cooled wax before kissing and licking down in a trail.  It was like connect the dots, a really smutty game of connect the dots.  His heated skin was cooled under Snape ministrations and Harry went back to sighing and wiggling and moaning as Snape's tongue and fingers got closer to his arse.

He arched up almost violently when more of the wax was poured, some on each cheek of his arse, and he breathed in harshly.  "What the--"

"None of that, Potter."  Snape's hand pushed him down face first into the mattress.

He felt Snape's fingers tracing patterns in the rapidly cooling wax.  For a moment he wondered if there was a spell that involved a young naked man being covered in wax and then having runes traced on his arse, but then Snape removed the wax and whatever designs he had traced, and was licking and sucking at the heated flesh.  His hands separated the two globes of his arse and instead of pulling away and preparing him like he had always done in the past, Snape's tongue slipped further down and laved at his hole.

Dear god, what was he doing.  Harry tried to pull away could feel his whole body turning red, and then Snape traced the puckered opening before pushing his tongue in even further.  Harry moaned and writhed and couldn't stay still even after Snape's fingers dug into the flesh of his thighs and hips to hold him still.  Snape's tongue was licking patterns and working a spell of it's own of Harry's senses.  His cock was scraping across the sheets, harsher than a hand, but he didn't need one.  Harry clawed at the sheets, his back arching as far as the hand pressing down on him would allow him to.  He couldn't think could only feel and even that was becoming too much.  He bit his lip as he came, his cock jerking against his stomach and he fell forward his chest heaving.

He didn't feel Snape pull away during his climax, but he did feel his tongue making it's way back up his spine until he could whisper in his ear.

"Quite well done, Potter.  How shall I torture you next?"


Now he was on his knees, his hands tied behind his back, the silk strap cutting into his wrists while the cold floor dug into his knees.

If he had to Harry would definitely admit to liking this feeling of total non control.  He never knew what Snape would do next, what sweet torture he had planned.  His thoughts would trail back to Snape and the dungeons throughout the day, and after classes he'd find himself hard and leaking.  He'd head straight for the bathroom and holding himself up with one arm he'd wank off to images of him tied down to Snape's bed, bent over Snape's worktable, manacled to Snape's wall.

Now he knew the image of him kneeling on Snape's floor would join the rest.

He saw the edges of the black robe swirling around Snape's trousers first, then his gaze traveled up, and he had to tilt his head back, baring his throat, to see Snape's face.

"I never said you could look at me, Potter."

Harry looked straight ahead, right at the bulge in Snape's trousers.  He was hard, had gotten hard just seeing him this way.  The thought made Harry groan.

"How talented is that little mouth of yours.  Can you undo the fastenings with your mouth alone?"

Even if he couldn't have, Harry wouldn't have admitted it.  He leaned forward, and placed his lips and teeth around the button and worked it out of its hole as quickly as he could.  And then the zip in between his teeth and he tilted his head down, his bottom lip getting scraped by the metal, but if it cut it he didn't noticed.  Snape's fingers were combing through his hair urging him on.  He pulled down the band of Snape's pants next, though he didn't manage well, if only he had his hands, he could free the pulsing cock that was inches away from his lips.  The smell of musk filled Harry's nose and he breathed in deeply groaning and straining.  Snape must have taken pity on him because one hand left Harry's head and moved to free his heavy cock.

Harry didn't need to be told what to do.  He leaned forward and swiped at the pearl of precome that had gathered at the slit with his tongue.  He swirled it over the purple head before closing his mouth and sucking.  He moaned around the tip and then lowered his head more, taking in another inch and then another until he could feel the head of Snape's cock against the back of his throat.  Only then did Harry begin to pull away.  He licked and sucked and fit as much of that delicious cock into his mouth as he could, time and time again, Snape's fingers in his hair, tugging on his ear, settling on his shoulders the only things keeping him grounded, keeping him from losing himself in this.

He moaned and writhed, not needing a touch on his own cock or skin to bring him to sharp arousal this was enough.  The small sounds that escaped Snape's lips, the light touches on his head, and then Snape losing control, slamming into his mouth, taking the little control Harry had left away and carrying him higher, ever higher, until Snape came in his mouth, his cock pulsing, hot come shooting down his throat and Harry swallowed as much of it as he could though he could feel some escape from his lips.

Snape pulled out and sank to his knees in front of Harry.  He brought his thumb to rest at the corner of Harry's mouth before swiping at a bit of come there.  Harry watched, enraptured, as Snape sucked his own come from his thumb.

Snape leaned forward.  "What should I do with you, Potter?  Should I let you come?  Should I take my thumb and swirl it over the head of your cock like you did with your tongue to mine?"  Harry's sucked in a breath at the words just to expel it again as Snape fit action to words.  He hadn't even completely covered him with his hand before Snape turned his head to bite down on his neck, and Harry came screaming Snape's name before sagging against him.

He felt the bonds holding his hands being undone, and thin fingers rubbing feeling back into them.

Definitely a memory to be added to the ones he wanked off to between classes.