by DragonLight

The sun was setting leaving the street bathed in the bluish-purple of twilight.  Harry made his way toward the small park not far from the Dursley's, if he was lucky Dudley and his gang wouldn't be beating anyone up.  It was always so noisy when they did, and Harry wanted quiet.

There was a rock lying to the side and he started kicking it, more to give himself something to watch than anything else.  He had fallen into this numb state over the summer.  There was so much that he could care less about and those things that he did care about made him more furious than anything else.

So he kicked the rock and watched as it bounced and skidded across the park path until it rolled to a stop and then he'd kick it again.  His eyes followed it straight toward the fountain where it crashed into a boot.  A large clunky motorcycle boot from the looks of it.

Great, he traded Dudley and his fellow doofuses for a motorcycle gang.  Was his luck ever good?

He drew his eyes up, long muscular legs encased in black leather trousers, a black shirt and a black leather jacket.  And...


He was smoking a fag, grinning at him, and Harry rushed forward to embrace him.

"You scuffed my boot with that rock."

"What you care more about your boot than me?"

Sirius pulled him away, and dropping the fag he crushed it under his boot.  "I don't know.  Let me look at you, Harry."  Sirius's gaze lingered over him and Harry couldn't help the warm glow that spread through him.  "The damn Muggles haven't been feeding you enough."

Harry shrugged.  "What are you doing here?"

"Came to see you, of course."  Sirius ruffled his hair a bit and Harry automatically lifted his hands to flatten it out.

"Don't do that.  Looks better a right mess."

Harry dropped his hands, and moved over to lean against the fountain next to Sirius.  "Is it Order business?"

Sirius shook his hair and reached into his jacket to pull out a pack of fags but stopped with them half out.  He shoved them back into his pocket.  "Just wanted to see you, my godson, is that a crime?"

"No," was Harry's quick response.  "I just thought it would be for something important, like," his voice dropped, "Voldemort."

"Nah."  Sirius grinned again and slung his arm over Harry's shoulder; it was a nice comforting weight and Harry sighed happily.  "Had to get out.  And I thought if I was going to go out I'd stop by and see you.  Couldn't think of anything I'd like more."

Harry turned his head up to look at him and smiled.  "Really?  You just wanted to see me?"  His heart started to beat faster and a warmth spread across his chest down to his toes.  Someone wanted him.

Sirius reached down and lifted his chin up a bit.  "You know, you have a lot more of your mother's features than I thought.  Still look an awful lot like your dad though.  But I think I have to say that you look like... well you."

Harry snorted.  "I guess it's good that I look like myself then.  Would hate to look like Malfoy.  He's a pointy little bastard."

"Never have been fond of Malfoys."  Sirius leaned down, his eyes intent on his face.

"Something wrong, Sirius?"  His chin was still held in Sirius's hand, and he swallowed as Sirius's face loomed closer.  Harry licked his suddenly dry lips as Sirius lifted his other hand to brush his cheek.

"You had an eyelash."  And there on the tip of Sirius's finger held out for him to see was indeed an eyelash.  Harry flushed.  For a moment he had thought that Sirius was going to kiss him!  Where had he come up with an idea like that?



"Make a wish and blow your eyelash away."

Harry scrunched his eyes shut, thinking that what he wanted more than anything was just what he had now.  Sirius here with him.  He pursed his lips and blew a steady stream of air against Sirius's finger for a second not paying any attention to which way the eyelash blew.

And right before he was about to open his eyes, a pair of lips settled over his, moving slowly and surely across his, kissing him.

It occurred to Harry that he had never been kissed before.

And then it occurred to him that it was Sirius kissing him, making him feel warm and glowy in a way that no one ever had.  In a way that he never wanted anyone else to.  

He opened his mouth on a sigh and Sirius deepened the kiss by sliding his tongue between his lips pressing it against Harry's tongue, moving it across his teeth.  Unconsciously Harry lifted his arms up to rest on Sirius's shoulders and he wondered if that was ok, if he was doing this right because he really, really wanted to do this right.

Sirius's arms wrapped around him and pulled him closer, pressing him to his body and Harry could feel the heat emanating off Sirius, and he could feel Sirius's erection pressed against his stomach, and Harry knew he had to be doing this right because Sirius wouldn't be hard if he wasn't, and all the while Sirius was kissing him and Harry was completely happy.

Of course it had to end, and Sirius pulled away, leaving Harry unsteady, but it was all right since Sirius was still holding onto him.

"I suppose I should apologize for that."

Harry knitted his brow.  "Why?  I... I liked it."

Sirius grinned, and Harry felt that warm feeling flow through him again.  "You did?"

Harry could feel his face heating, but he nodded.  "Yeah, I kinda hoped there would be more, you know?"

Sirius stared at him with wide eyes.  "You want more?"  He looked around, rather nervously in Harry's opinion.  "Are you sure?"  And to Harry's ears, Sirius didn't sound so sure himself.


Sirius pulled him close again, and Harry felt his erection hard against him again, and that comforted him more than any words that Sirius could have said.  It meant that Sirius still wanted him.

Harry was the one to initiate the next kiss, and he knew it was sloppy and wet, but it still felt good, and when Sirius's hand slipped down to rub the front of his trousers he felt these little jolts of electricity travel from his prick up his spine and down to his toes.  Harry groaned, thrusting into Sirius's hand and he clutched Sirius's shoulder for support.

Sirius grinned against his mouth, but Harry didn't pay it much attention as he bucked against him.  This was better than touching himself, this was better than anything, and Sirius hadn't even really touched him at all.   He felt the tug of the zip as it was pulled down and then Sirius's hand, so much bigger than his own, wrapped around him and Harry knew he would come, and then he was, gasping against Sirius's lips, spurting across Sirius's hand and onto his trousers.

Sirius was still holding him as he pulled a wand out of his jacket and whispered a spell.  Harry hid his face in the crook of Sirius's neck, not wanting to look up at him in case he was upset.  He should have controlled himself better.

But Sirius didn't say anything, just lifted his chin and pecked his lips, and when Harry actually looked at him, Sirius was smiling and it went all the way to his eyes making them shine.  It felt even better to make Sirius happy than when Sirius made him happy.

"Don't you want to too?"

"Don't I want to what?"

"You know..."

Sirius looked at him curiously for what seemed like minutes before he said, "Oh, that.  It's fine, Harry."  He looked unsure again.  "Did you like it?"

Harry felt like his eyes were going to bug out.  "What?!  Of course I liked it.  It was amazing.  Can I?"

Again that curious look.  "We're in the middle of a park, in case you've forgotten."

He had forgotten, but it didn't matter.  "Would you enjoy it?  If I did?"

"Of course!  Why wouldn't I?  You're... you're..."

"I'm what?"


Harry threw himself back into Sirius's arms, kissing his cheeks and nose and forehead, his whole face before setting his lips to Sirius's.  

And like he had hoped they would, they forgot about where they were, and Harry searched out for the clasp that held Sirius's trousers shut, and when he found it, it only took a minute, and some help from Sirius's shaking hands, to get it undone.  Sirius didn't wear pants and his erection felt huge and heavy in Harry's hands.  He tried to wrap just one hand around it, but it didn't cover it the way Sirius's hand had covered his so he broke the kiss and looked down.  He wrapped his other hand around it too and moved them from the base up to the swollen purple tip, his bottom lip in between his teeth.  

He wasn't sure he was doing it right, but then Sirius groaned, and tilted his head back, and thrust into his hand.  Harry breathed a little easier and continued stroking down to the base where the curls of hair tickled the back of his hands and all the way back up.

Sirius's breaths were coming as shudders now and he smiled.  Harry liked the way Sirius looked like this.  He smoothed the drops of precome over the head of Sirius's cock, moving a little faster, but not much and then Sirius's hand covered both of his forcing him to move them faster with Sirius's thrusts.

"Merlin... Harry..."

And Sirius came shuddering and spurting across their joined hands and onto their chests, and it was wet and sticky, but Harry didn't mind at all since Sirius looked so pleased.

Sirius pulled him into one of his bone crushing hugs again, the cleaning spell whispered next to his ear.

Harry grinned and he knew Sirius was grinning too.  They were both happy and it seemed like such an odd occurrence for him to feel that way, but he did.  He wondered if it was the same for Sirius.

Clothing straightened, they stepped back from each other.

"I'll see you again soon?"

Sirius slung his arm back over his shoulders, and pulled the pack of fags out.  "I would like nothing better."

Harry smiled.  "But you have to go, don't you?"

"Unfortunately.  Can only pull the leash so far before it gets jerked back."

Harry waited while Sirius lit the cigarette.  "You won't forget this though."

Sirius stopped and looked at him.  "I never will.  I'll dream about this Harry, and I can't wait to see you again.  But I have to go or else I might not get the chance to."  Sirius pulled him into a tight hug and pressed a kiss to the top of his head.  "I would like nothing more than to stay here with you.  Remember that."

A couple minutes later, Harry was alone again kicking a rock and watching as it bounced along the path.  But this time he had a smile on his face.