by DragonLight

Severus pulled out and rolled onto his back.  Harry entwined their fingers and rested his head on Severus's shoulder, focusing his attention on the curve of his throat.  He pressed a kiss there, relishing the salty taste of his skin.  Trailing a finger down Severus's abdomen, he paused at the springy curls that surrounded his cock.  His hand was swatted away.

"A man can only take so much."

"I thought that we had only just begun."


They fell onto the bed, their arms and legs entangled, their mouths catching, nipping at any bit of bare skin they came into contact with.  Severus's breath was hot on his cheek, his neck, his chest, and Harry moaned, arching his body against Severus, thrusting his erection against him.

Severus groaned and pushed him down into the mattress under him.  He pulled Harry's arms over his head and held them there.

"Don't move."

Severus started at his neck, sucking and biting and then running his tongue over the area making Harry squirm, but Harry kept his hands in place.  Severus's tongue ran along his collarbone and then down his sternum detouring to his right nipple where he closed his mouth over it and sucked causing Harry to jerk his hips up, his dripping cock sliding against Severus' stomach leaving a sticky trail behind.

"Torture is illegal, you know."

He could feel Severus smirk against his stomach as he kissed his way down to his navel and then lower, down past his cock and to his balls, and he took one in his mouth, rolling it over his tongue before repeating the action with the other.  A bone deep shudder went through his body, and Harry started to move his arms so that he could touch Severus, grab him and move him to where he wanted him to kiss, to lick, to suck, but his hands were caught up in one of Severus's.

"You need to learn to listen to directions, Mr Potter."

Severus's breath was tickling his cock with the barest of touches.  It was too much.  "Oh, god."

"Much better.  Now that you've learned the proper form of address."  More of that delicious sensation that made him squirm, and Harry tried to stay still, tried to keep from bucking up into the warm mouth that he knew was only inches from where he wanted it to be, and then Severus closed his mouth over the tip, sucking and licking and moving only a bit lower, and it was driving Harry mad in the way that only Severus knew how to.


"Please what?"  It was said around his cock, Severus' tongue pressing against the vein with each word drawing another shudder from Harry and he moaned and thrust into the exquisite heat.  And then it was gone.


Severus's mouth settled over his own, and he could taste his own precome on Severus' lips and it was so arousing.  "More," he murmured against those lips.

Severus's hand trailed down his side and after a whispered spell against his neck, he trailed his slickened fingers down to his hole and pushed one inside barely moving it before adding another, thrusting them in and out and stretching him, and every so often Severus would rub his fingers against his prostate and send little shocks up his spine.  His breathing was harsh when Severus covered his body with his own, his cock pressed against his opening and Harry writhed against it, impatient and wanting.

Severus pushed in, a grunt escaping his lips and sending a burst of air over one of Harry's nipples, and he jerked his hips up at the same time that Severus thrust further in, groaning as Severus filled him completely.

"God, yes."  Severus pressed kisses along his jaw and mouth and neck with each thrust, and Harry was squirming and arching to match each one, settling into a rhythm made entirely of pushes and thrusts and jerks.  "So close."  And Severus's hand snaked along his abdomen, finally enclosing around his cock and he pulled in time with his thrusts and Harry lost track of who was moving how and when and all he could think about was the cock in him and the hand on him and the zings of pleasure traveling up his spine and then he was coming, spurting hot come all over Severus's hand and onto his chest, every muscle in his body tensing, and he could hear the groan as Severus found his release and collapsed against him.


Hot lips and moist breath mingling with his own.  He sighed into Severus's lips, his hand lifting to wrap around Severus's neck, tangling his fingers in the strands of hair at his nape.  He pressed closer, pressing his chest against Severus's.  Too many clothes; he wanted to touch, and kiss Severus's skin, and he moved his hands to the clasps that held his robes together and started to undo them, never breaking away from the kiss.

He pushed Severus's robe off his shoulders and onto to floor, kicking it to the side.  Vaguely, he was aware of Severus's hands working at the fastening of his own clothes, but didn't pay them much heed.  He trailed his lips to neck and collarbone while his fingers worked against buttons on Severus's trousers that just didn't want to come undone, cursing against the skin where neck met shoulder.


"Don't have any.  Never had any."

He finally got the buttons undone and pushed both trousers and pants down, pulling on Severus's arms to get him to step out of them.  His thigh came into contact with Severus's unclothed erection and he groaned.

Without knowing how he'd got there, Harry found himself pressed against the bedroom door, sans the remainder of his clothing with Severus licking at his lips and thrusting against him.  Reaching behind him, he opened the door and they stumbled inside.


Harry leaned against the door after he closed it.  Breathing deeply, he surveyed the room.  Severus could never be found when he was needed.  Licking his lips and sighing, he thought that perhaps the aphrodisiac hadn't been the best idea he'd ever had.  The normally cold dungeons were too hot and sticky.  He yanked at his tie until it came undone and draped it over the back of a chair.  


When he turned, the cloth of his shirt caught against a nipple and he groaned.  He bit his lip to stifle the sound.

"I assume there is a reason why you're down here?"

"I... I," Harry licked his lips and started toward Severus.  "Potion."

Severus raised an eyebrow, but didn't back away.  "What potion?"

"Connubium Elixir."

Severus sighed.  "May I enquire why?"

"No."  Harry had reached him and was trailing his hands up Severus's chest.

"Why not?"

"Too much talking."  Leaning forward, he tried to capture Severus's lips, but failed when Severus leaned away.

"Your grasp of the English language has faltered since you left school."

"Shut."  Harry managed to take the lobe of Severus's ear into his mouth to nibble and suck.  "Up."

Severus settled a hand on his chest and slowly moved it down toward his waist.  The fabric chafed against his skin, and Harry moaned again.  Small kisses were placed along his jaw and neck, and Harry tilted his head back so that Severus could reach more skin.

"More."  His breath was coming in short little gasps that left him feeling light-headed.  "Now."

"There must be a way to force you into silence."

He twisted closer, rubbing the inside of his thigh against the outside of Severus's.  "Not that - oh - I can think of."

Severus swiped his tongue at Harry's bottom lip, and he parted his lips, his tongue darting out to touch the tip of Severus's.

"Sever-" He was cut off as Severus claimed his mouth with his own.


Harry stared incredulously at the small cup in front of him.  There was no way that he was going to drink that.  Last time he had taken an aphrodisiac-  He shuddered, and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.  That was a memory that he'd rather not dwell on.

He sniffed the swirling puce contents of the cup.  The stuff smelled innocuous enough, but still.  What harm could there be?

Remembered pictures from Moste Potente Potions appeared in his head.  

Never mind.  He pushed the cup away.

The fact was that, in his opinion, he hadn't had sex in too long and unless he came up with a reason why it was of utmost importance that they needed to, things weren't going to change.  Severus had said the end of term, and Severus meant the end of term.  Why did the bastard have to give so many written assignments anyway?  It wasn't like he enjoyed grading them.

He pulled the cup toward him.

Severus wouldn't be able to just ignore a man in an obvious state of need.  At least, Harry hoped he wouldn't.

Lifting the cup to his lips, he swallowed.