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Disclaimer: The fanfiction on these pages, contain characters, places, and loads of references to the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. It's all written for entertainment, not profit. When I'm done playing, I promise to send the characters back to her.

The fanfiction page will lead you to a sort of Table of Contents of what I've written. All Ratings are posted, please take them seriously. A new Fanart page has been added. It only has a couple of pieces up now, but I hope to add more eventually. The 'Links and Recs' page is finally up. I'll be rec'ing the stories that I personally enjoy the most. The last two should be self-explanatory, so I'm not even going to bother to explain them.

I have decided to take Paradox of Existence down until I am able to edit it and bring it to it's full potential. It should not be down for long, I have already started the rewrite, and am about a third of the way through. Rest assured that when it is reposted it will be better than ever. Be patient with me.

01/13/04 - I've finished a lot of the tiny rennovations for the site. It's not a theme change or anything, but I think I've managed to make the pages a bit easier to navigate. A JavaScript pop-up has been added to the NC-17 stories; I either had to do that or password protect them for my own piece of mind. Also, to make sending feedback easier (if you so wish), I've added a Feedback Form. It should be easy to find; there is a link to it at the end of each story page. *g*

I've changed the Drabble pages. There are now three separate ones. I've also uploaded TWO new fics. My Merry Smutmas fic for Icarus, Missing Out on a Holiday Miracle, and a short PWP, Connubium. I think that's it.

07/08/04 - I have not disappeared, believe it or not! And I have an update! I've uploaded two un-beta'd PWPs: Firsts, which is a Harry/Sirius chan piece, and Sweet Tortures, which is a kink!ficlet written for Venivincere (SS/HP). I've also uploaded The Things that you Discover over Dinner at long last. Also, one new femmeslash drabble was added to the f/f page.



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