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Paradox of Existence:

Rating NC-17. On Assignment for Dumbledore, in the past, Harry sees his lover from a new perspective, that of a professor. SS/HP

To be reposted after editing is done, but it is being worked on. Really. ~ Sorry.

Somewhere Out There Story Arc

To Dream These Dreams:

Posted: -10/01/03-
This fic is part of the Post OotP SS/HP FQF
Challenges:A3- Harry goes to Snape to talk about his father(James) B2- Snape finally becomes the new DADA professor C2- Snape notices the scar on Harry's hand from his detentions with Umbridge and confronts him about it
Rating: PG-13
Pairings:This is a preslash story. So it does contain SS/HP in a vague sense, however HP/HG is also seen.
Beta: Special thanks to Isis

Notes: Part 1 of 3

To Cast These Spells:

Posted: -11/17/03-
Summary: Harry comes to terms with his destiny.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: RL/HP and SS/HP
Beta: Special Thanks to Isis and Faerie Angst

Notes: Part 2 of 3

To Heal These Wounds:

Posted: -01/06/04-
Summary: Harry deals with everything that has happened.
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: RL/HP and SS/HP
Beta: Special Thanks to Isis

Notes:Part 3 of 3

Other HP Fanfiction

After Curfew:

Posted: - 07/02/03 -
This fic is part of the ´Infinite Cantatum´ Harry/Severus AU Fuh-Q-Fest
Scenario 109: Due to some weird genetic/magical disorder, Harry doesn’t need to sleep. Ever. That leaves him with a whole lot of time on his hands, and not all of it can be spent studying. (Diagonalist)
Rating: NC-17
Beta: Much thanks to Isis, since without her help this fic would still be a rambling mess.
Feedback much appreciated.

Missing Out on a Holiday Miracle:

Posted: - 01/13/04 -
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Summary: Ron misses out on what's probably a once in a lifetime occasion
Rating: NC17
Beta: Much thanks to Sparrowhawk for a speedy, thorough, and great beta
Notes: Written for Icarus as part of theMerry Smutmas Secret Santa


Posted: - 01/13/04 -
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Summary: Established Relationship, PWP (Just give it a try)
Rating: NC17
Beta: Much Thanks to Isis, the amazing Beta Goddess. She took on quite a few of my stories even though she was buried under a pile of fic.


Posted: - 07/07/04 -
Pairing: Harry/Sirius
Summary: Pre-OotP. Right before the events of OotP, Harry and Sirius meet in the park. PWP. Chan (Harry, aged 15).
Rating: NC17

The Things You Discover Over Dinner:

Posted: - 07/08/04 -
Pairing: Harry/Snape; Harry/Draco (Love Triangle)
Summary: Originally written for the AAA fest, but I never got it edited in time. Completely my fault. Challenges: 41) Include this line: "You have my word of honor that the story I have been telling is the truth... Okay, mixed with a little fiction... All right, I'm lying my butt off..." and 20) Triangle past - A significant someone from your chosen character's past returns to attempt to re-kindle the relationship, igniting sparks of jealousy in a current (or potential) partner. Who will they choose?
Rating: PG13
Beta: The amazing Beta Goddess, isiscolo, who put up with me during my period of switching the way I write possessives and some of my shoddier writing. Is it any wonder why I adore her?

Sweet Tortures:

Posted: - 07/08/04 -
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Summary: Who said torture couldn't be sweet? Kink!fic written for Venivincere. Feathers, wax, rimming, restraints...
Rating: NC17

For Us to Miss or Seek:

Posted: - 01/04/05 -
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Summary: Ron and Draco learn that there is more to life than being a Scrooge.
Rating: NC17
Beta: Much thanks to my invaluable beta, Isis, as always.
Notes: Written for Titti as part of theMerry Smutmas Secret Santa. This story was inspired by Charles Dickens's 'A Christmas Carol'. The title is part of a quote from it: "Time was with most of us, when Christmas Day, encircling all our limited world like a magic ring, left nothing out for us to miss or seek; bound together all our home enjoyments, affections, and hopes..."

NEW! Habitual Protests:

Posted: - 02/12/05 -
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Summary: In which Harry refuses to learn to read the signs and protests too much.
Rating: PG13
Beta: Much thanks to Dana for the quick and brilliant beta job!
Notes: Written for the Crossing Harry weekly challenge: It's like cryptography; all you have to do is learn to read the signs. (ringspells)

NEW! Heaven:

Posted: - 02/12/05 -
Pairing: Remus/Harry
Summary: Harry's back and it doesn't matter if it's a dream or not.
Rating: PG13
Beta: Thanks to Juice for the quick glance over.
Notes: Written for the Crossing Harry weekly challenge: "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical..." (marksykins)


Miscellaneous Drabbles: Includes various slash(m/m) pairings and general.
Harry/Snape Drabbles: All HP/SS drabbles were moved to a separate page to make surfing drabbles easier. Updated -01/13/04 - with one new drabble.
Femslash Drabbles: Two (for now) longer drabbles, maybe one drabble and one ficlet. f/f pairings.

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